Information about the Judge’s Connection to the foster Mother.

This was the ONLY time the ct DCF ever “assisted ” them to see their daughter by paying only for the plane tickets and nothing else. They were told that by law they should have been assisting them all along since they live over 20 hours away. After this visit, the ct DCF suspended their in-person visits claiming it was in their daughter’s “best interest” to not see them in person anymore. They claimed that she had stranger danger towards Suzy Theodoro and Peter Theodoro. You can see clearly in this video that she is very comfortable with them and enjoying their time together. Let’s remember, the Theodoros has never been under any investigation in any other state for any kind of child neglect ever.


It was found out that the Judge, has a possible relation to the foster mother. ( See photos below) This is why we believe the Theodoros’ have had such a hard time getting a fair trial. They never had and still do not have any proof that the Theoodoro’s are unfit parents. The Theodoro’s have never been investigated for any kind of child neglect in any other state and Suzy Theodoro has actually been a nanny for many people including the Mayor of her town for over 10 years when she was younger before Medical School.

This is the last time they were“allowed” to see their beautiful daughter Sofia in person. This video was taken back in January when the CT DCF finally decided to retract their claim to have them arrested for contempt upon their reentry into Connecticut for not attending their 6-hour court-ordered mental health interrogation by their court-appointed, psychologist Dr. Balducci, who when they looked up his reputation, it was painted with all kinds of connections with the court and unfair examinations. They had already undergone a mental health evaluation by a licensed psychologist and it came back normal. They refused to take that for reasons unknown to the Theodoros.

There is a statute in CT stating that all parents accused of “mental insanity” should be allowed to choose their own mental health provider which was cited in their objection for neglect and they were trying to deny them this right.

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