Sofia Theodoro, Suzy Theodoro

A Kidnapping in Connecticut: The Story of Baby Sofia (Theodoro)

It is a story so unbelievable that it sounds like the plot of a movie, but unlike a 2 hour drama there is no happy ending, or ending at all.

In 2018, Suzy and Peter Theodoro (Formerly Saad) were traveling from New Jersey to Vermont when an unexpected stop in Connecticut began a series of bizarre events that thrust them into living through one of the worst nightmares a parent could imagine.

Tennessee residents, former medical students, and loving parents to 2 boys, Suzy and Peter

decided to take an impromptu drive to Maine for some much needed R & R after attending a

family funeral in New Jersey in late 2018. A couple of hours into their trip, Suzy began

experiencing back pain and discomfort and being 38 weeks pregnant with their first daughter,

they thought it best to stop at the nearest hospital in Middletown, CT.

It was a decision they have lived to regret.

According to what has been documented on Suzy and Peter’s Theodoro and in numerous news

accounts, what followed next was a series of events that resulted in the medical kidnapping of

their newborn daughter Sofia by the State of Connecticut.

One Year Later

Sofia Theodoro turned one year old on November 9th, 2019.

Her first year of life was not spent in the loving arms of her mom and dad. It was not spent

laughing at funny faces made by her older brothers or digging in to her first birthday cake with

chubby hands while family and friends sang to her. Sofia Theodoro remains in Connecticut, far

away from her Tennessee home. A little baby girl who began her life on this earth ripped away

from those who loved her most. Sofia now lives with strangers in a strange land.

One year later and the questions remain.

Why did this happen?

Was it because Peter’s skin was too brown and Suzy’s too white? Maybe.

Maybe it is because Suzy is a diabetic and had prescribed medications on her Or perhaps

because even though Peter Theodoro ( Formerly Saad) is a Christian U.S. citizen, he was born in Egypt.

We will never know why Connecticut nurses are suspect into tricking Suzy into an unnecessary and unwanted cesarean section or why Connecticut DCS supported and continues to support the medical kidnapping of an innocent newborn and refuses to reunite her with the only people who have ever loved her.

There are those moments in time we all wish we could take back, but all we can do is move

forward. And that is what Peter and Suzy continue to do, move forward and fight. They have

never stopped fighting for the return of their daughter and will not stop until she is home. None

of us can understand the pain this family lives with every single day; the boys who dont know

their sister and the parents who ache to hold their daughter again.

Take a moment and consider the Theodoro family.

Take a moment to read more about their story at or in the many news

reports detailing the nightmare that began a year ago.

Sign their petition; it just takes a moment but that one moment could make a world of difference

to so many lives and especially to the life of a tiny little girl who didn’t ask for any of this. A tiny

little girl who deserves to go home.



Ned Lamont is the Governor of Connecticut,

Local phone number

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Toll-free: 800-406-1527

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