Stand for Sofia Theodoro

November 9th 2018,
new born baby Sofia Theodoro was
Illegally taken,


Suzy Theodoro’s baby was kidnapped,

Not because the parents didn’t want her, Not from a drug cartel, or human traffickers, she was taken by the


hand picked for a state employee. 

Sofia Theodoro, Suzy Theodoro


The nurse "suggests" that Suzy Theodoro might be self medicating.

Suzy and the Theodoro family are just like your family...

The Theodoros (Formerly Saad) were a happy family raising their two children in Tennessee.

A few years back they changed their last name to Theodoro for fear of the increasing prejudice against brown skin americans. Peter is a U.S. Citizen but Egyptian.

They were ecstatic to find out they were having their first baby girl after two boys.

Tennessee Christian residents, former medical students, and loving parents to 2 boys, Suzy and Peter decided to take an impromptu drive to Maine for some much needed R & R after attending an important family funeral in New Jersey in late 2018. A couple of hours into their trip, Suzy ( maiden name: Gunderson) began experiencing back pain and discomfort and being 38 weeks pregnant with their first daughter, they thought it best to stop at the nearest hospital in Middletown, CT.

It was a decision they have lived to regret… 


On November 9th 2018 Sofia was Taken...

The State of Connecticut removed Sofia from her mother via forced C-section claiming it was an emergency.
After that they proceeded to falsely accuse Suzy and her egyptian US. born husband of being a muslim terrorist and Suzy a drug addict.
They claimed Sofia was being neglected and was in danger. Yet the only reason they wrote on the report for taking Sofia was that the "parents were uncooperative".

Yet once the public sees the actual evidence despite the internet harassment and claims of a hoax, it clearly shows that a major crime had been committed- and all the states claims about Suzy and Peter Theodoro fell apart.


What was the exact reason filed that they kept sofia?

Suzy Theodoro- No Just Cause- This is illegal to withhold a child for these reasons

The only basis for holding the child stated on the report was "The child without parents to care and meet her needs due to the refusal to engage with DCF and/or Hospital in Staff in planning for the care and wellbeing of child at discharge.

What does this mean?

They are stating that the Theodoro's were so uncooperative that they couldn't come to a resolution and kept the baby.
This is not Eminacy. The legal standard is Eminacy, meaning there needs to be a justifiable reason to withhold. Even if true, it is not just cause to hold a child in state custody.


Sofia deserves to be home with her loving family.

 Her brothers have a right to know their sister. 

Sofia has a right to know her aunts, uncles and grandparents.

The Department of Child and Family Services (DCF) claimed they had to take Sofia because her  parents didn't want her and  they didn’t cooperate with DCF.  The records states that they imply Suzy is a drug addict or self-prescribing medicine and her husband a muslim terrorist.

Truth: The Theodoros compiled fully with DCF. They gave all of their information, offered to pay out of pocket for exams for sofia and took drug test that came back negative

Truth: The Theodoro’s were forced into giving birth via c-section without consent from the hospital. 

Truth:  Peter and Suzy Theodoro have never been under any kind of investigation for child neglect in Tennessee or in any other court system. There was no probable cause too feel that Sofia was going to be neglected or in danger.

Truth: Suzy and Peter begged to have their daughter transferred to Tennessee but the court refused claiming minor technicalities that made it almost impossible for them to see their daughter. They offered assistance when it was too late, they would tell them information at the last minute, and give them very little notice to to make arrangements for a 20 hour ride. They swiftboated the paperwork,facts and have made it almost impossible for the couple to get a fair case. There is nothing missing here. The parents are innocent and have done everything possible to cooperate. 

The courts claim that the Theodoro's and their family had no interest in seeing their baby and made very little attempt to contact them or cooperate. They didn't even show up to their trial.

Truth: The Theodoros contacted the courts and DCF numerous times without any return communication. They wrote numerous emails and have recorded phone calls made that were never returned. 

Truth:  The court mislead the Theodoro’s to believe their appearance was unnecessary as long as they had a lawyer there to represent them which was a financial relief since they had been traveling 20 hours one way sometimes twice a week to visit with Sofia. No one, not their lawyer ( recommended by the court) or DCF let them know they NEEDED to be there. Everyone they were supposed to trust mislead them about the protocol and they missed an important hearing where they would have been able to challenge the DCF. 

Truth: In a true child neglect case, The law states that they prefer to adopt the child out to relatives. The theodoro’s extended family, Sofia’s grandparents, Peters parents, have taken all the necessary steps to adopt Sofia, but DCF and the courts are now claiming that they are not fit to adopt Sofia. They have no legitimate reason.  The parents are young enough and in great health. Family reunification is in the best interest of the child so why are the courts not following this protocol? 

The courts, Middlesex hospital and DCF from Middletown and surrounding areas are claiming that this story is a hoax. This situation did not happen and that Suzy and Peter are trying to scam people for money over the internet.

Truth:  This is a horrible crime that has been committed against this family. DCF and the hospital and courts are doing all they can to cover it up. 

Truth:  Suzy and Peter are a real couple going through an unimaginable nightmare. We need to do all we can to help them.  

Truth: This is not a hoax or a scam. We found instances of online harassment and photoshopped pictures being spread around the internet to try and discredit Suzy Theodoro. One specific website by an uniformed 70 year old retiree with a computer, named Robert Baty, “Kent Hovind’s worths nightmare”, calling himself a reporter on CPS cases where he as no expertise on the matter, yet his website shows up in google searches hurting this couples credibility. 

Truth: We have found numerous erroneous claims against low income parents from Middlesex hospital and the DCF agency managing this area of connecticut. 

Why would they do this?

The judge helped DCF and Middlesex hospital hide their lies and keep Sofia away from her family.

Title IV, a law passed in 1997, brings in enormous amounts of money for the states funding. For each child in foster care, the state brings in 4-6k a month. More for special needs children. With paying the foster parents only $1500 a month, there is a profit for the state. With over 4000 kids in foster care, that is about 18 Millon in state funding a month!

Where is the Media?

We need to make noise! 

We’ve contacted the ACLU.

We’ve contacted the news media. 

We are not being heard.

We are being discredited.

All the evidence is here.

We need your help. 


Bring Sofia back home where she belongs, in Tennessee with her adoring loving family



Sofia is now 1 years old… and she needs to be at home.

Not with a Connecticut  government agency that has gone out of control and refuses to admit their error. They have stolen so much time from the Theodoro’s.

Sofia needs her mom and dad who love her and who can care for her in the best way possible. They are the best place for her to be. 

Everyday, Suzy is missing important milestones with her only daughter

Suzy and Peter Theodoro

Suzy and Peter Theodoro were unjustly profiled when they walked into Middlesex hospital.

A loving father trying to protect his little girl

Peter Theodoro with Baby Sofia


Who Will Stand Up for Sofia?

Sofia’s parents can’t stand up because the court and DCF have trashed their name and reputation. They put themselves at risk anytime they speak out against this injustice. They also live 20 hours away from where they are holding sofia hostage. 

Sofia can’t stand up because she’s 1 years old and being held in state custody.

DCF won’t stand up for her. They’re the ones who kidnapped her. They’re the ones that are traumatizing her and keeping her away from her real family.

The State of Connecticut won’t stand up for Sofia. Because the State is who’s holding her in custody.


Step #1: Sign the Petition

Step #2: Send a letter

Copy and Send the below message to our leaders and demand they bring Sofia home!
***The state leaders do not have public email addresses.
"Email Now" will send you to their email intake page where you can paste the message below.

Mr. Michael Williams Deputy Commissioner Connecticut

Michael Williams

Deputy Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Children and Families

505 Hudson Street Hartford, CT 06106

Mr. Michael Williams Deputy Commissioner Connecticut

Vanessa Dorantes

Connecticut Department of Children and Families

505 Hudson Street Hartford, CT 06106-7107
Phone: (860) 550-6300
Fax: (860) 560-7079

Dear << State Leader>>,

I am writing as a concerned citizen.

On November 9th, 2018, Sofia Theodoro was illegally removed from her mother, Suzy Theodoro via forced c-section. by Middlesex Hospital and ultimately the Department of Child and Family Services (DCF).

DCF failed to meet every legal requirement for the removal of Sofia. DCF has continued to break the law while keeping Sofia in foster care.  They have even gone to the extent of misleading them causing them to miss important court appearances. 

This is not a hoax. This is a very real nightmare for this family.

I implore you to speak out against this injustice and use your position of authority to do what you can to free Sofia Theodoro and return her to her loving family immediately.

I ask you to prioritize DCF reform during this legislative interim and during the next legislative session in 2021 to prevent additional families from suffering this trauma.

Sofia Theodoro is not being helped.  She is not in better care with her foster guardians than with her biological family.  She is being traumatized by the State of Connecticut. She has a right to know her family real family.

Please stand for Sofia and bring her home.

Step #3: Call Governor Lamont

Local phone number (Hartford area): 860-566-4840 Toll-free: 800-406-1527 TDD: 860-524-7397

Talking Points:

I’m calling as a concerned  [a parent] and/or [a concerned citizen].

On November 9th, 2018, Sofia Theodoro was illegally removed from her mother via forced C-section at Middlesex hospital and ultimately taken by (DCF) Department of Child and Family  Services for no just cause.

DCF failed to meet every legal requirement for the removal of Sofia.

DCF has continued to break the law while keeping Sofia.

I ask Governor Lamont to speak out against this injustice.

I ask Governor Lamont to help free Sofia and bring her back home.

I ask Governor Lamont to prioritize DCF reform during this legislative interim and during the next legislative session in 2021 to prevent additional families from suffering this trauma.

Step #4: Donate

This is not a hoax.

The Theodoro’s need our help.

Please Stand up for Sofia and help bring her home.

Listen to the lawyer tell peter how much it will cost to take on the case.

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